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The Heart of Matters

an executive retreat

A chance for executive teams to
restore, recharge, reset and reimagine
in a nurturing environment.

This is No Ordinary Executive Retreat

Taryn Voget - Executive Retreat California

It's an opportunity to take a pause and recenter. It's an invitation to slow down, go deep, shed the intensity of the last few years, renew, recharge, get clear and chart a new path forward for yourself and your executive team - all from the heart. 


To let go of what's no longer working and create new ways of operating that are more successful and balanced, we need to pause long enough to listen to the wisdom we have within and hear the whispers calling us forward. 

This retreat brings together my 26 years of passion and experience in management consulting, executive coaching, healing, spiritually guiding, leading, facilitating, intuitive reading and helping people and organizations create powerful transformation.

a unique retreat experience that reconnects you to the heart of who you are and what you do

Executive Retreat in California

Release the Old and Bring in the New

Release the heaviness and fatigue of the past 

Get everyone on your team aligned and working together harmoniously

Gain new clarity and vision so you can move forward with focus and purpose

Step fully into your power and lead at a higher level

Create a special and balanced organization that thrives in this new world

Increase your organization's success and growth in a fulfilling way

An invitation to transform yourself,
your executive team and
your organization.

Executive Retreat in Santa Barbara with Taryn Voget


Retreat to gorgeous Santa Barbara, California. Slow down, unwind, breathe and allow beauty to bring healing and renewal for yourself and your business.

Executive Retreat in Santa Barbara with Taryn Voget


Move through unique, powerful, heart-centered experiences designed to illuminate what needs to be seen so you can make the personal and organizational shifts you desire.

Executive Retreat in Santa Barbara with Taryn Voget


See greater possibilities for creating success on all levels. Align with your heart and highest destiny so you move forward with a new vision and clarity in your leadership.


You should sit in nature for 20 minutes a day.

Unless you are busy. Then you should sit for an hour.

-old Zen saying

Where We'll Meet

We come together in beautiful Santa Barbara, California, a world-class destination. The energy of this place enhances our work. The calming ocean slows us down so we can hear our deepest truth and the powerful mountains inspire us to see our highest potential.

Retreat Overview


Through rituals, guidance, new skills, facilitated activities, creative exploration and a bit of play, we get everything done in a nurturing way that renews our connection to who we are and what we truly want to create. Every retreat is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the team.


DAY 1: Everyone arrives and we start at 4:00pm. We connect with each other, drop in, have dinner and sit in ceremony to allow the magic to unfold.


DAY 2:  We focus on personal transformation, releasing what's been stuck or not working and gain clarity for our individual path forward.


DAY 3: We come together as an executive team to heal any dynamics that aren't working and strengthen our bond as a group.


DAY 4: We set aside everything we think we need to do and explore what organizational or leadership changes our hearts truly want to make.


DAY 5: We integrate everything through a unique experience connecting with nature. We take all the magic home at 1:00pm.

Retreat Activities

Every retreat is customized to meet the needs of the team. Activities we do together may include:

  • ceremonies to focus our attention and create transformation

  • guided meditations to get insights and clarity

  • healing sessions for individuals   

  • group breath work to release stuck energy and patterns

  • facilitated group activities to shift team dynamics and create new ways of working

  • body movement sessions to get the energy flowing and  integrate what we've been working through

  • hikes and nature walks with a purpose

  • art projects to see things in a new way and envision new possibilities

  • intuition for business skill development session

  • coaching and guidance to help you achieve your goals

  • nourishing group meals

  • and so much more

How We Work Together

STEP 1: We connect in person so I understand where you and your team are and where you want to go. We discuss your needs, goals, desires and experience preferences.


STEP 2: I design a retreat experience that will allow us to create the transformation and clarity you are longing for. We reconnect to review it and make any updates, handle paperwork, schedule the dates and get ready to go.

STEP 3: In the weeks leading up to the retreat, I meet 1:1 with everyone attending to connect personally and understand their unique needs, team dynamics and deepest desires. This helps me to further tailor the experience and create a powerful retreat container.

STEP 4: We come together at the retreat to renew, reset, heal, transform and gain new clarity and vision.

STEP 5: Two weeks after our retreat we connect on a video call to check in and further integrate what came through at the retreat.

When we pause and listen, we have the opportunity to build our business on the spiritual principles we have within.

Executive Retreat in California with Taryn Voget

Let's Talk!

Reach out to me through the contact form below and we'll schedule a time to connect and see if this experience is the right fit for your executive team.

Want to go deeper on a personal level? 

An intimate individual retreat option may be for you. 


We work together exclusively for 3-4 days in a retreat setting. If you desire a deep renewal, recharge and transformation to your highest destiny, contact me through the form below and we'll set up a time to connect.

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