A Lifetime of Leadership

Since my college days at Georgetown where I ran the Leadership Center and self-designed a major in Business Leadership (with a double major in Finance), I have long been interested in bringing leadership and change to systems that shape the world.


My life’s work has been dedicated to creating a world in which the most powerful and successful executives and organizations reach their full potential and feel true fulfillment.

As an Executive Consultant to Fortune 500 CEOs and high-impact leaders, I empower world-class executives to achieve greatness in their personal lives, within their organizations and through the creation and development of innovative endeavors.


My work is decidedly earth changing. By coaching and supporting the most powerful and accomplished executives, I create an ecosystem in which the world’s best ideas come to life.


What are you most excited about doing in life? What would it take you to fully step into it?

Often we’re excited about things but don’t know how to fully step in. Or sometimes we’re so burned out we forget the excitement exists.


Our work together starts at that moment. I begin with a deep, face-to-face understanding of, not only your background and extraordinary achievements to-date, but more importantly a thorough comprehension of the person, brand, or executive you dream of being. I start with a full understanding of the vision you have for yourself. And then we get to work going there.


Even the most accomplished people have things get in the way of achieving that soul-inspiring goal we have held in our minds & hearts for decades, whether it’s scary new business systems, unsupportive colleagues, problems learning something new, facing stepping outside our comfort zone, or personal things, like issues with family, health, or just plain old fear.


If we’re working on your life, your organization or a new innovative project, my approach involves identifying your specific blockages within you, then using a host of tools and processes I’ve learned in working with geniuses, executives & leaders over the last 20 years, including behavioral science, psychology, energy healing, spiritual and emotional development, we start building a path to creating the dream vision you have for yourself. This process is fundamentally reconnecting to your strength and true purpose.


Transformation Coaching for CEOs

Often elite CEOs are worn out, tired, exhausted, distressed and deflated. You’re bogged down with responsibilities, cumbersome systems, political resistance and pressures from every direction. 


As a real human being, you desire a pivot, personal transformation or trajectory shift. You’re ready to make a big change. Transformation Coaching for CEOs injects new life, vitality, passion, excitement and inspiration into your pressure-filled and overworked life. My work brings you new possibilities and perspectives. A breath of fresh air.  


When you work with me, you reconnect to your passion, strength, desires, internal guidance, and true purpose. Your interface with me brings to the surface all blockages and resistance. We clear these blockages, limiting beliefs, heavy energies, and outdated patterns. You will experience a deep transformation and freedom from the expectations weighing you down and step back into leadership with a whole new excitement, power and clarity.  Our work creates the roadmap for exciting new possibilities and new missions.

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting with CEOs

CEOs are often frustrated that the organization isn’t progressing on their goals, cultural shifts, or broader mission at the level expected.  This is often because organizations have hidden power structures and dynamics that create resistance and undermine objectives.  


My work with you is designed to illuminate where changes are needed and to restore proper, healthy, transparent power dynamics in the system. We will clear blockages and resistance and empower you to achieve powerful transformation quickly.


My process involves coming into an organization and discerning where these hidden power dynamics and blockages exist in the system that are sabotaging your desired objectives. I gather information on the culture, dynamics, and how people are interfacing at the CEO, executive and manager levels in the system. I highlight how things are currently functioning and where changes are needed. I work directly with you to re-align the organization to be more transparent and open in its ways of working.  This may include re-organizing staff, updating incentives, structuring difficult conversations, making bold culture or operational changes, and more.


Typically my work reveals changes that need to be made in the organization, but also changes that you may need to make internally to be more effective in operating within your power. What is causing you to miss these blocks or power dynamics?  Why can’t you see it more clearly or make changes?  I illuminate and transform these inner blind spots and blockages so you can be effective and successful at achieving your most important goals.

Innovative Project Consulting

I provide innovation project consulting for leaders looking to launch new ventures that have a positive impact on the world.  This project can either be a whole new business venture or a new aspect/project within an existing business. I work directly with you to clarify and refine your vision, inject passion and new possibilities into the project, and structure the best team and systems to make it happen. 


New internal projects often get architected around politics or existing organizational structures. For these projects, I provide an outside, objective perspective on how to structure the project with the right systems and the right team who can run with it and make it successful. I build teams featuring the best people for the roles, regardless of where they sit in the organization, and I structure the team for success. 


For new innovative businesses, I help you clarify your vision, look at the venture with a new perspective, peer into the future to see possibilities, and launch and grow the projects. Together, we support your vision and tap into your deep well of excitement, passion, energy and clarity and bring forth an exciting new possibility that benefits humanity.

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